Rhett Lashlee new OC at SMU

which way is Rhett heading? lateral again? better launch pad for HC? seems very Gus like in this mysterious approach to upping your coaching status;

SMU: Connecticut and former Auburn offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee will be the new offensive coordinator at SMU, according to SMU 247’s Billy Embody. We can confirm the hire, adding Rhett is expected to also coach quarterbacks.

as usual footballscoop stays busy. Lots of seemingly good moves with good coaches still being made particularly in hot staffs like Mullen

Love some of the rumors. How fun would it be for Les and Hugh Freeze to hook up at Arizona??? Rich Rod succeeded with Freeze as OC and more notorious dalliances? Bet the AZ fans would riot.

It would suprise me if Les was hired at Arizona and risked having Freeze on his staff period!