RH QB rolling left!! Smh

I mean seriously how stupid can you get that is the hardest throw in football and you know dang well they’re going to be sending the house how about running a couple of quick Slants from both sides of the field and get one of them my gosh!!

The Allen brothers, BA in particular, were good at making the throws on rollouts to the left. I have not seen any indication that TS has the same skill.

Man if we could have executed that though. Jared was wide open.

Sad part it was a TD. Wide open down field.

There is nothing wrong with that call, in my opinion. It just comes down to how well the quarterback can square his shoulders. Peyton Manning was a master at that throw to his left.

Good call. Bad execution.

Had the ball not been swatted down, JRed night still be running.

Man. You just heard the announcers say that. Somebody was wide open downfield. Get your own thoughts.

Man I didn’t have to hear the announcers tell me that was stupid!!! I was thinking that as soon as it happened you come up with your own thoughts DA!! It takes a very Advanced quarterback to be able to do that

Dude was wide open, and a ton of green grass in front of him

It wasn’t a bad play call.

No it doesn’t. If he gets a block we would have 6 on the board.

Why we all have opinions…

I did not like that play call either

“IF” your Aunt Betty had a mustache she would be your Uncle Fred when people are bringing pressure off the edge like Auburn is it’s very hard to get your shoulder Square in time

It’s just the fact that it’s so easy, and so common to criticize play calling if the play does not work. Not whether or not it was actually a good call or not.

I think the call was good, ty just took a hair too long.

There is a reason you very rarely see a right-handed quarterback roll to his left

There’s also a reason why Joe and chad are where they are.

They understand offense about as well as anyone. There’s a reason for right and left rollouts, that one set up for a potential huge play, just wasn’t executed.

Yes that’s my point you very rarely run that play for the right hand quarterback because it’s very hard to execute it thank you