Reynolds WiFi

Has anyone heard if they have equipped Reynolds Stadium with free WiFi yet? A year ago or so there was an article indicating they had and agreement with a firm to do it by this season but I have seen nothing about it yet. :frowning:

It’s had free WiFi for years – but it sucked. So did/does BWA. Not nearly up to the demand of 70,000/19,000 people. Whether AT&T (longtime UA sponsor) has done anything to correct it is another issue.

I asked Scott Varady and Kevin Trainor about that Wednesday night. Kevin said that the upgrade to RRS has not been completed and probably will not be until next year. It really is annoying when you can’t even send a text. I know that one friend would get my mid-game texts after he got back to Springdale following the game.

Kevin also said that he expected basketball and baseball to be completed this year.

The hope was to have it in place for football season this year, but there were some hiccups. The plan is to have the Wi-Fi upgrade in place for the next basketball season and baseball season, and for football in 2019.


What were the “hiccups” he’s alluding to?