Rex Walters?

First name I’ve seen for the coaching staff position…

Currently on the Wake Forest staff, was a special assistant to Muss his last season at Nevada…

I am with Daytona. I hope Muss gets Johnny Jones.

I’ll pass on an arrogant coach who instigated a fight between his players:

Even my LSU fan friends call him Johnny “Bagman” Jones. I would rather we stay clear of him myself.


We certainly don’t want that to happen here. We have not had a proven issue at Arkansas ever. But I am hoping under Muss’s management Jones will follow the rules. Unless you think they cheated at Nevada when Jones was with Muss.

I have no idea about his time at Nevada but when fans of the school even realize he was the guy it makes me pause.

  1. Muss is not a cheat.
  2. Someone in Muss’ organization would not be able to cheat without his direct knowledge, as he is involved with EVERYTHING within his Program … some would say to a fault (not my personal opinion).

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