Rex Walters

Saw that former KU all american Rex Walters was on Muss’s staff at Nevada (he was also a former head coach at San Francisco). Don’t know if he would be considered (I am guessing he is looking for another head coaching job but might be a great “Associate Head Coach” sort of candidate) but if we added him and Scotty we would have the best shooting staff in the country…

I don’t think he was an all-American at KU, just a good player on a Final Four team. OK, he was AP honorable mention. So was Gafford.

He wasn’t a floor coach at UNR. Special assistant to the head coach, whatever that means. Before that he was an assistant for the Pistons for a year.

McPherson tweeted that three names in the assistants search that are very likely is Ruta, Walters, and Thurman. He said some other names are being considered as well.

But it is coming from McPherson and was said on Hogville (and not by him) about a day before he started tweeting about it.

Alford is gonna be the guy at Nevada, so I’m hoping Muss can bring Argenal with him now. Think he was hoping to get the head spot.