Rex Nelson on Muss Phone Incident

He accomplished what he wanted - more hits on his site. It’s business and probably a touch personal, but I don’t know the guy nor do I read his blog.

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This whole thing is not worth a second thought…

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I like Rex. But best stuff he writes is on cheeseburgers.

And this is the truth, I’d rather eat them than read about them.

Are there any bad cheeseburgers?

I think some convenience stores probably sell bad cheeseburgers Clay. Or at least ones that are not great. Also Mexican, Chinese and seafood places that have them on their kid’s menus,could be a source for not good cheeseburgers.

But you have to admit not hard to find a good cheeseburger to write about. Not a difficult task.

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Yes, much harder to find bad cheeseburgers to write about,than good ones.

Hardly any bad cheeseburgers. Agree. But if I were to look for one, I’d probably start by time traveling back to my junior high cafeteria in the late 1970s.

BTW, good sample of Rex’s food writing is here below. I’ve never eaten at The Bulldog in Bald Knob, but would like to.

I just added having a cheeseburger and strawberry shortcake with Jason Jennings, at the Bulldog in Baldknob, to my bucket list. I love driveinns that are named after the local high school mascot. The Porcupine den in Marianna, was a classic in the 60’s.