Rex Chapman’s Twitter

He’s extremely popular on Twitter — big following, especially by young people.

So this sucks — for what is right, recruiting, whatever. As do the responses. I swear, I wish I could step into that picture and kick that guy’s a**. Does he have any idea how many Arkansans and Americans died defeating facism in Europe? Delete this if you want, mods. May not be right to give this fool more publicity.

But this type of thing is a problem, especially if Rex Chapman is Tweeting it. It won’t be deleted on his Twitter timeline. Again, huge following. Recruiting is hard enough without Fayetteville being painted in this light.

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Sadly, there are fools in EVERY town across the country.

Do I wish he hadn’t posted the pic? Yeah - of course. But someone, somewhere will post the article/pics below…it’s just the way it is these days. Not much can be done about it.

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And right down the road…


This explains how popular he is on Twitter:

I get the Kentucky comparison. But nowadays he’s thought of as a social media icon of sorts. Not just a former NBA or UK player.

Yeah, I’ve seen that. Good people in Harrison. Mostly. But a definite inordinately high element of knuckle dragger racists there and in the surrounding towns. Not a lot has changed in those towns over the last 100 years. Nothing to engender change (generally poor schools and stagnant economies) and no resulting change.

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