Rewatched the Barford sequence

Every call on that sequence was completely the wrong call.

  1. Barford was in the air about to lay it up and Briscoe slid beneath him and was still moving when he flopped. It should’ve been a block.

  2. The double technical might of been the closest of the calls to being right but in a game like this it puts our best player that day into foul trouble with 3 fouls. He was simply trying to step over him as he said in the post game interview. There was some talking but it quickly got separated. The techs were given because of the pushing and talking.

  3. The worst call in the sequence. Briscoe gets the ball in the paint and shoots it, trey was defending and there was contact. Shot misses, bam with a put back dunk over trey. Barford was behind bam when he dunked it and hardly laid a finger on him. The foul was called on Barford some how, and he gets 3 fouls in about 30 seconds.

I know this probably wouldn’t of made a difference in the outcome but it’s just so frustrating to see referees affect a game like this. Barford was our best on ball defender against monk and fox and couldn’t play because of a few terrible calls. After these calls the cats began to pull away, just take away one of those calls and I think the game is closer.

The referees were doubly bad, biased and incompetent. They seemed intent that Macon and Barford were not going to play unencumbered.

UCLA beat them in Rupp. Lot of calls against KY that game.

Well, Good For Them…