Just adding my two cents to a closed topic that I hadn’t read earlier regarding J.B. Grimes at Auburn. Perhaps Gus didn’t want to outright fire an old friend, but didn’t want to retain him, either. So he just leaves him as low man on the totem pole with the obvious choice of take it or leave it. In reality that is just as hurtful, saying, in effect, I don’t believe you’re up to the job any longer, we need new blood at this most important position. After all, everyone knows how important the offensive line is. Why go cheap with your coach at that position? Plausible?

No, I don’t think so. I guess I know more to this. Oh well. I will take J.B.’s side. I think Grimes called his bluff and retired. Not a bad thing if you can do it.

At least my point about the offensive line being extremely important, so why go cheap with the coach’s salary there has validity, right? Oh, I have no doubt you, as the pro, would know much more about the situation. Both, having strong NW Arkansas ties are well known with friends and contacts here. I’m sure whatever goes on is kept on the down low for decency. A good thing.

How dare y’all question Gus on ANYTHING?

It’s becoming more and more evident that recruiting is a young man’s game in the eye’s of so many head coaches. I get that to a certain extent but as a kid raised by a single mom I always looked up to older men for advice and guidance. It was always a respect thing too.

More mature equals life experience. You have more kids from single parent households than ever but I’m not sure coaches over 45 or so are valued as much.

I could be wrong but I sense that from the Generation Z and Millennials don’t feel the same as I do.

I do not think Gus believed JB would leave.

I’ve always been fascinated by the nomadic life of a career assistant coach. While some made good money for all the moving many more do not. I ran into a guy last year that spent years as an assistant in smaller and mid level schools. He was probably in his early 40’s and named about 7 schools where he was an assistant. Eventually he settled down in NWA with his wife and kids and has a cleaning business. He talked about loving coaching the young men and helping them learn about more than football. That has to have some allure.

All the best to coach Grimes going forward. Have respect for those that do it right.

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