Revised SEC Tournament

Perhaps the SEC office would consider a revised Tournament schedule given the way the season has unfolded. The 11-14 seeds just stay home.

As of right now, those teams would be:

  • Auburn (already banned from post season)
  • South Carolina (a really good coach and a really bad team that just hasn’t managed the Covid-influenced season)
  • A&M (they’ve already mailed in the season anyway)
  • Vanderbilt (a team that seems to be better than their record, but need to fast forward to next season).

You could give the 5 (Tennessee) and 6 (Ole Miss) seeds byes into the quarter finals (along with the top 4 seeds), while the Thursday games could be the normally scheduled games:
7 (Missouri) vs 10 (Mississippi State)
8 (Kentucky) vs 9 (Georgia)

Probably won’t happen, but wouldn’t be a bad move by the SEC office.

The only teams I would consider to put in the stay home category
Auburn. Post season ban
Texas A&M Covid. They haven’t played most of the season. They haven’t played a game in the month of February yet!

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