Review process when Bama plays

Does this not appear to be a waste of time. Just ask Nick and go from there!

Every play reviewed went in BAmas favor today. Not one went our way.

That’s exactly what they do. When a play is reviewed, they plug right into Saban’s headset and he either upholds the call on the field or overturns the call. Saban meets with the officials before every game and instructs them on how the game should be officiated. Every week following a game, Saban will meet with the officials that officiated his game the prior weekend to review their performance. It’s a good teaching tool for the officials. Saban can point out what they are doing well as well as offer constructive criticism where needed.

And, they get away with murder. The Saban worship is out of hand.

The early one that reversed the fumble was especially bad. Not that it would have made a difference.

Actually, that one had the most chance of making a difference. Would have changed momentum in a huge way

From watching the Pig Screen, I thought that replay was not convincing and would not be overturned. After that, I just knew that every contested call would go to the Bummers.