Review of Stats

Just a quick glance at the stats shocked me to find that Notae fouled out in less than 15 minutes of playing time. While I am not saying any of his five fouls were wrong, I thought Tate got the wrong end of two charging calls, one on offense and one on defense. Between the charging calls and seemingly a lot of Baylor contact when driving the ball, our inside game was less contributing than in the previous tournament games. I thought Smith had two goal tends against him, it looked like one or both were blocked after hitting the backboard, but maybe it was wishful thinking on my part.

Awful and impactful no calls and bad calls were all
over this game.

Agree on all points. Our biggest danger to a Baylor win was removed quickly. Tate has been a powerful contributor to this team. Smith was neutralized in his scoring when looking at his previous three tournament games. TV eye-ball counts have an impact.

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