Reversing the trend

Since the 14-13 game in 2014, Alabama has beaten Arkansas by more points each season than the year before. You have to believe that won’t continue this week.

These are the margins of victory for Alabama in the last six meetings.

2015: 13
2016: 19
2017: 32
2018: 34
2019: 41
2020: 49

I was in Zambia Africa when that game was played. Woke up early that morning and saw the score 14-13. My blurry eyes thought it was the Hogs with 14. The friends we were traveling with are huge Vol fans, they were whooping and hollering with me over what I thought was the win. When I realized we lost the party was over.

Missed field goal, missed extra point,
Fumble going into the end Zone and I may have missed something but the hogs should have won that game!!
I just hope our hogs some out and pick Alabama right in the mouth! Just having a lead at all would be great.
The talent level between our hogs and Bama is the difference between John and day!

Cold rain!!!

That too! I sure thought the hogs had Bama whipped that day!

We absolutely outplayed Bummer that night. Missed an extra point, Kody Walker fumbled at the goal line, etc., etc.

I predict one Kirby Smart truism will manifest this weekend, that no coach can outcoach recruiting. I formerly believed more in the power of coaches to be influences in winning as in the JPB famous attribute of he could take his’n and beat yours’n or he could take your’ns and beat his’ns. Not anymore, the SEc feeds on the weak and we have recruiting ground to close. Closer than 49 is a low bar and we have been a long time removed from upsetting Bummer. Here is hoping but not expecting. I was optimistic going into GA and got reality slapped.

I did not think LSU would play the Tide close nor did I think A&M could whip them but they did. Bama is not the war horse of old this season, we need to catch some breaks and clean up the penalties to make it a game. Georgia is the only game we were overwhelmed in so far, if we win the turnover battle we will make a game of it on Saturday. WPS

Matt, thanks for that 6 pack of depression…

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If we win the turnover battle 3-0 Saturday we have a chance. Particularly if there’s a pick six or very short fields as a result.

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