Revenge sweep feels soooo Good

What an awesome weekend for the Hogs!!last year e were in first place and Mississippi state was in last place and they swept us glad we’re able to return the favor this weekend!! We are now in first place!!

Now what we can’t do is let Tennessee come in here and ruin what we got started because that is exactly the type of low profile team we tend struggle with especially with two great pitchers like they have. We need to win the series or even sweep it. They don’t hit the ball well at all they have the 2nd best pitching in the league

Noland and Wicklander performing well as starters could mean a TON heading down the stretch, especially if Scroggins is feeling soreness. Cody coming out of this pen would be massive.

Normally I would have just posted my comments under your thread… But I wanted to get my subject line pun in…