Reunion for Keuchel and Forsythe

Check out the article and interview with Forsythe about Keuchel:

Logan got the best of Dallas tonight.

And Dallas got the last laugh!

It looks like DVH was there:

The last laugh will be tonight. Neither of these teams are my favorite but it has been one of the best series for a baseball fan in a long time.


Advantage Dodgers. Hell, I dunno :wink:

Hard to win Game 7 on the road, and the Astros certainly haven’t had the same batting success on the road this postseason. That said, it’s been a wild World Series, so who knows what will happen. I just hope Game 7 lives up to the competitiveness of the rest of the series.

Forsythe has had a nice series; singled in his first AB tonight and is 5 for 16. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, they were down 5-0 before he came up. But there are 23 outs remaining, a lot of baseball to be played yet.