Returning to previously read topics

Seems to me that I used to be able to click on the “red” circle on the left of a topic and it would take me directly where I was the last time I was reading posts within the thread.
Now it seems that clicking on the red circle does nothing.
I understand the “bold” topic title indicates either a new thread or that there has been new replies within that thread.
After reading the replies, the topic “bold” is removed from it and shows as normal text.
If a new reply is made, the title shows as bold again. However, when I click on the thread I’m taken back to the first entry in that thread and I have to scroll through all the replies to get to the first unread post.
Any suggestions?

You can click on the “First Unread Post” which is at the top of the posts. But I’m with you; I don’t know why we can’t hit the red circle anymore. It was so much easier.

Thanks SoArk. I’ve totally forgotten about that. Was away for a bit.
Then again, the 1947 is significant. HaHa

Know exactly what you mean. lol!