Returning to campus

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Great find. Mahalo.

By the way, in reading the details, there shall not be a Fall Break. Secondly, with regards to Athletics, there is a contingency plan for the students not to return to campus after the Thanksgiving Break. To resort to online instruction after Thanksgiving. I am assuming this is in fear of a C19 return. I am assuming this means if the UA does close the campus after Thanksgiving that all Athletics will also shut down (again). Geez. I can’t comprehend how challenging this must be for the Athletic Department, Coaches, Athletes, support staff, etc…
The financial planning is close to impossible with so many variables…both known and unknown.
And just magnify that exponentially for the entire Campus complex. Lord have mercy.


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I sure hope that doesn’t materialize. It may sound selfish on my part but just being real here, I’ve grown quiet accustomed to watching some good football games after I digest a Thanksgiving meal.

As a parent, I’m thrilled with this. Hate that my son missed 1/2 of his frosh year on the hill, but I’m really glad to at least start his soph year normally.

The lack of fall break is a great idea for 2 reasons. firstly, if there is a 2nd wave of covid, they’ll have that week of school completed already.

And maybe as importantly, it means the students won’t be travelling everywhere that week, which could help the whole country have a lesser 2nd wave of covid.

Anyway, it’s so nice to see us returning to some type of normal again.

btw-in LR, traffic is much more normal the last week or so, very few masks in little rock now, people really are getting back towards normal again.

and our hospital has the same 8-18 covid patients that we’ve had for 3 months, actually 8 as of Monday morning.


Yep, my third, and last one, heads up to the Hill this year for his freshman year. Here’s to hoping it’s a somewhat normal year.

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Games will still be played after students go home for the semester break.

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