Returning pitching possibility:

After listining to coach Van Horn’s press conference, it looks very possible that Noland, Morris and McEntire will all be coming back next season. That would mean we would have pitchers that had 61 of the 67 starts from this past season coming back. Wow! Also, 69% of innings pitched will be coming back.

Also, throw in the possibility that Pallette comes back and is healthy then it’s a double Wow! I like to have wishful thinking and I’ll do just that until it comes true or is shot down. Love baseball.

We’re going for the NC.

Now get the players to back them up.

DVH seems pretty certain that Pallette isn’t coming back.

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I would put more stock in McEntire and Morris returning than in Noland or Pallette, but I would not rule anything out. I’m certain McEntire will be on the roster next year. Morris and Noland will have decisions to make. I’d be surprised if Pallette comes back.

Noland is an interesting case because he’s so marketable. It really is unlike any baseball player who has come before him in the sense he can capitalize on NIL. It would not surprise me if his NIL earning potential was near the value of a signing bonus with a baseball team.

The bonus money will not be there for him after this year. Players without leverage are given $5,000 to $10,000 in a lot of cases.

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Is there a video somewhere?

I think Nolands coming back just trying to read between the lines when listening to Dave today. He said it would have to really be the right team for Connor to go and that he really loved wearing that Razorback uniform… they’ve had plenty of conversations I think Connor will have to be blown away with the team to go pro.because like you say he’s going to have very good money making opportunities right here in his backyard


Plus, and I mean possible lifetime deal in the future.

At this point if Nolan doesn’t come back the future just right here in the River Valley will produce a job for life. Let alone coming back and not doing anything crazy could even produce even more job opportunities.

Come back and have a decent year and I would say Nolan it set for life!!

He is pretty much a LEGEND now, one of the State of Arkansas all time bests in high school bases, has won many games for the HOG bases, AND, 1-0 as a starter for the football team.

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I would not think signing a pro offer this year effects his earning potential after being done with baseball.

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