Returning Pitchers

Are the following ALL expected back??


Obviously I know transferring is a possibility…

You never know what is going through someone’s head, but I think the first five should be back. The ceiling seems high for Starks, but his command and speed to the plate have to get better. Will that be here or elsewhere? Not sure.

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What’s the story on Tole? He showed promise last season and in the fall. Not much lately.

I thought I saw him in the dugout.


Yikes, I forgot Wiggins. Where do you think he fits in, assuming it’s here?

Wiggins and Tole need to work on consistent release point.


Is there any chance Pallette returns? GHG!

There is always a chance until the draft process plays out, but I expect that he will be drafted.

I don’t expect to see Pallette back unless he gets low balled! Tole and Wiggins have been a little off the charts at times! Wiggins had a lot of chances that Tole hasn’t had! Wiggins needs works in the wind up and all of his mechanics not just release point! He has all the talent in the world. When that switch flips he may be really good.

They both have the Nate Wohlgemuth (former Hog, ever so briefly) school of thought - throw it out your backside and hope it hits the catcher’s glove. Nate didn’t learn, barely seeing the field at San Jac this year and struggling then to hit the zone. 98-100 does you no good if you don’t know where its going.

Wiggins at 96 may not miss as many bats but he throws more strikes. Remember, 2/3rds of all batted balls turn into outs, so make them earn it. Its not just release point - its keeping the release point for braeking pitches, too. Not sure Wiggins does that well, either.

Maybe Wiggins should only pitch from the stretch and not the windup!!

I thought he was better from the stretch in middle of the season but that seemed to flip later. And he struggled from stretch. I’m sure Hobbs knows the numbers and the analytics to what’s going on for sure.

Wiggins is going to work this summer with Dustin Moseley, who is a former big leaguer.

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