Returning O-Lineman

I have been of belief Arkansas will sign two Juco OL for some time now. So here is why.

Arkansas loses five scholarship OL this year, H Froholdt, D Malone, B Wallace, J Gibson and J Merrick.

Arkansas returns ten scholarship OL, C Jackson, A Capps, S Robinson, N Gatlin, R Winkel, T Clary, K Adcock, D Wagner, S Clenin and D Hays.

Dylan Hays is a huge unknown because of his back. Hays has never been a walk-on. … igns-hogs/

Deion Malone isn’t eligible for a sixth year. Malone a redshirt SR, redshirted in year three at Arkansas after arriving from a jr college.

Wavier for sixth year.
NCAA rule

NCAA rule, Miss two years because of circumstances beyond the control of the institution or the student-athletic.
Miss one year because of circumstances beyond control of institution or the student-athletic.
Student-athletic redshirt his or her INITIAL year (year one) their eligibility.

Clary is not on scholarship but, probably would be a candidate to receive one in the off season. I think we get two more lineman as well. It could be juco, grad transfer, or a long shot in someone like Stacey Wilkins or Melvin McBride.

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TY Clary, Hayden Henry and Gary Cross were place on scholarship Jan 2018. Clary was promised a scholarship by CBB and CCM honored the promise made by CBB.

Your right. I forgot about him getting a scholarship after a year. I was thinking it was after two years. So, that puts us at 13 scholarship lineman for next year. With the talent of O-lineman we are after for 2020 I wouldn’t get a lineman in the 2018 class unless they could contribute immediately, like some of the juco guys we are after. No need to just get to 15 just for the heck of it, IMO.