Returning HR hitters

As of now, it is possible that Ark will return the players that hit 86% of the total HRs in 2021. Wow!

The only ones that are almost assured of to not return are Franklin and Opitz. And we are adding some transfers and HS players that can add much more pop to the lineup. Something has to give. Can’t see all of those players on the 2022 roster.

Goodheart isn’t coming back. I think he had13 or 14.

Yes, he had 13. I was a little surprised he signed, but I’m happy for him. I saw him pitch a no hit shutout against El Dorado as a Junior. I sure hope his shoulder is fully healed soon.

I wonder if his signing means Welch might come back as full time DH

I do not think Welch is coming back. He will sign with the Mariners.

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