Returning BB Players

Anyone have an idea on who will be leaving the team, ie drafted, graduating, other.

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We will lose a lot

Unless they transfer we should get back: Moore, Wallace, Wiggins, Leach, Bates, Morris, and Tole who contributed this year. Some maybes with Wicklander, Nesbit, Monke, Costeiu, Bolden, Trest, Noland and Gregory. The maybes will probably get drafted and leave but you never know.

I figure Wicklander is probably gone and I think Nolan will come back beyond that it’s anybody’s guess.

The tough thing this year is that the draft is still short. Only 20 rounds. There will be some disappointment in some players. Tough to swallow the money that MLB is going to offer. But it may not get better – and it could get worse – if you don’t have any leverage.

Isn’t there a good chance that Welch returns? I would assume DH would be his to lose. Unless an American League team would draft him?

I think Wicklander, Franklin, Opitz, Kopps and Battles will probably be drafted and go pro. Slavens is intriguing. He can be drafted, but will it be high enough to keep him from coming back? He has another year of leverage.

Goodheart has another year of eligibility. The lack of a defensive position would hurt him in a 40-round draft, but especially in a draft half that size.

I’m sure there will be some third- and fourth-year players who see the writing on the wall and choose to transfer, sign a free agent contract or start their lives post-baseball.

I’d be surprised if Arkansas doesn’t hit the transfer portal this offseason to plug some holes, primarily in the pitching staff. If Pallette needs Tommy John surgery, I don’t see any way he’d be able to pitch in 2022. It seems most of the pitchers used this season could be gone next year, especially the ones who threw 10 or more innings.

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Might gain some good players thru the transfer portal.

What about Nolan?

Is Wallace back for sure? I heard he turns 20 before the draft and is draftable.

Wallace is not draft-eligible this year. He might be as a sophomore, depending on when the draft is scheduled.

I assume Noland will be back.

FWIW, they have plans and hopes for JD White. He’s already playing summer ball up north and will be back in the fall.

It is Zach White, not JD. He is playing OF for Duluth, along with Cason Tollett, who is playing C, 1B, and DH.

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Is Moore not draft eligible, agewise? I thought this was his 3rd year on campus.

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Thanks. Too many Whites and another coming up :slightly_smiling_face:

Is Tollett returning?

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I have been told he hasn’t decided. He wants to get on the field, so depends on what DVH communicates now that season is complete. He has worked 1B into his position play to have more options.

Moore is not eligible until 2022.

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Cason Tollett is in the transfer portal.