Return to the Scene of the Crime

Today was my first day back to the CSU Campus since some outfit pretended to be razorbacks and were unable to do anything with a poor CSU football team. I left early Sunday morning for elk camp where I had to apologise to my MSU friend for that group of imposters wearing the SEC logo (they were clearly not even close to an SEC team). We had a good week and I got my first 350 class bull so I avoided my CSU folks. Today no one said 1 word about the game. Many did want to hear all about the 350 bull, and then to to ask how my volatility measuring technique was coming, but nothing about football. (they don’t have a team and the UofA has less than they, so why talk?)

I did look at the new stadium as I walked by and wondered what it would be like for my Razorbacks to play there. Guess they never will. They have not so far. Oh well, the basketball team is coming 12/5. Wish it was baseball, but at least basketball will be far superior to the pitiful excuse of a football team.