Return game with Utah (in DWRRS) moved

…from 2028 to 2029. Makes me wonder if we’ve got some other opponent in mind for that year (2028). Of course, it could be the other way around; Utah may have requested the move so they could fit in someone else for a road trip in 2028.

Was it one of the Oklahoma State games that also moved to another year recently? Pretty sure one of the marquee non-conference games did.

I keep wondering if any of this movement might have to do with the Notre Dame series. I still half expect that we’ll hear at some point that it’s been canceled, but I hope we can reschedule the trip to South Bend and get it played. I’ll be disappointed if that series fades away.

I don’t think they’re connected unless we’re clearing out a spot on the 2028 schedule to go to South Bend. Notre Dame is still set to come here in 2025. ND is also playing Bama in 2028 but they often play multiple Big Ten teams in a year.

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