retired numbers?

sorry if posted in the past…but…what number(s)are retired?i know Moncrief’s and i think Corliss’ are the only 2 and i think 2 on the women’s side…any chance Scotty Thurman’s get retired or who else deserves the honor?i know its a slow time until we learn of new recruits and thought this topic might fill the time…

Corliss’ number is not retired, but it has not been used since he played. Sidney’s is the only one that is retired. That was done during a ceremony in March 1990.

Thurman’s number has been used once - by Jeff Peterson - since he stopped playing. I seem to remember Peterson asking to wear the number and Thurman giving him his blessing.

The Nos. 30 and 34 are essentially off limits. I remember Nolan telling a story about Blake Eddins (I think) on the day freshmen chose their numbers. He asked for 34 and Nolan said, “Oh, no, that was Corliss’ number. You can’t wear that.” Then he asked for No. 30. Nolan said, “You can’t wear 30. That was Scotty’s number!”

They need to retire Todd Day’s number before they retire Scotty’s number.

#10 has become our give-it-to-the-stud number. Portis, Gafford, etc. We’ll see who gets it next.

Personally, I am a Lee Mayberry fan. I remember we were down big against LSU and he hit about 30 to bring us back. Seems like Shaq was there and a forward named Caesar that was pretty good. Todd was an awesome offensive player and long enough to block shots but he wasn’t the defensive player that Lee was. Lee was the more complete player.

I’m not a fan of retiring numbers. It’s a bit less of a problem in basketball where only a few numbers are used, but there are only 100 single & double digit numbers available. Retire too many & before long there aren’t enough. Besides, as great as a player might be, it’s rare to go very long before another is just as great. I’d retire a number if someone one the Heisman, but that’d be about it. Instead of retiring numbers, I like the idea of honoring them.

Yes, I agree with all of this. Some universities hang jerseys in the rafters, but don’t retire them. That’s a great compromise, and I’d LOVE to see all the players mentioned in this thread to be “in the rafters”. And Joe Kleine, Walker, Alvin, etc