Results of the Hog football and money poll

Or test, however you want to look at it.

The most popular answer was also the correct answer. UA reported $71 million in football revenue to the federal government for 2016-17. But that also means two-thirds of the responses were wrong :smiley:

Although there are no footnotes or explanations on the federal report website, I strongly suspect that figure was inflated by one-time gifts toward the NEZ project, including commitments for the Founders Suites. Thus the 2017-18 figure may not be quite as high.

By the way, the number that inspired this search was tOSU. The Buckeyes reported $91 million in football revenue for the same period.

And the tOSU figure is far overshadowed by what’s happening in Fred’s neck of the woods. The Ocean Scum reported $108 million. That’s what we’re competing against, folks. You may not have liked his methods, but Jeff Long had to do everything he could to maximize revenue just to try to keep up, and Yurachek will have to do the same. Auburn reported $91 million. LSU was a paltry $86 million. We actually slightly edged out TAM, $71 to $70 million.