Results of The Athletic poll on SEC scheduling

Which was, I believe, last week. Everybody could vote on everybody, so this indicates who folks around the SEC (and possibly beyond) think everyone should play. They got a total of 2,182 responses.

The vote for us was Texas, LSU, and Misery, with Mobilehoma, A&M and Ole Miss also getting votes. The Flopnecks were by far the least popular choice with only 62 votes as the third choice; nobody picked them as our first or second option. Texas got 464 votes as first choice, 277 as second choice, and 237 as third choice. Their writer predicts Texas and Misery, with the third choice coming down to which piece fits into the jigsaw puzzle of scheduling best.

The rest of the league:

Bama – Auburn, Tennessee and LSU. But the writer questions if the SEC would give them this combination.
Auburn – Bama, Georgia, and very close between Florida and LSU for third
Florida – Georgia, Tennessee and the Poultry
Georgia – Florida, Auburn and Poultry
Kentucky – Tennessee, Vandy and very close between the Poultry and Misery
LSU – Bama, Ole Miss and A&M
Ole Miss – Moo U, LSU and either us or Bama. It appears from this poll that OM fans want to play us more than we want to play them
Moo U – Ole Miss, obviously, and then it falls way off. LSU and Bama got the most votes, but their dance card may be full.
Misery – Us, Mobilehoma, and Kentucky a distant third
Mobilehoma – Texass, Misery and A&M
Poultry – Georgia, Florida, Kentucky
Mustard Empire – Bama, Florida, Vandy
Texass – Zero U, ATM and us. Definitely in that order, but nobody else close.
Aggies – Texass, OU and LSU, but we got a lot of votes too
Vandy – Tennessee, Kentucky and close between Misery and the Poultry.

I saw that and it matches with many other guesstimates that are out there.

Any idea who the three (my number of schools) holding out for the old rivals and playing non conference games? TV will want 9 league games so that will happen, commissioner wants one league with top two teams in league championship games and most of league wants the 9 conference schedule so players can play and go to all the team venues. So who are the three in the Stone Age here?

Hadn’t heard anything about three holdouts. From several months ago, it appeared to be about a 50-50 split, and we were one of the ones in the 8-game camp. The holdouts were pretty much the schools who need an extra win to make sure they go to bowls much of the time: Tennessee, South Carolina, us, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Missouri.

However, I think there are too many reasons to go with nine, and not all of them have to do with TV. Season ticket sales get easier when you have an extra SEC game and one less Misery State or UAB.

@MattJones I would be very interested to see if HY is willing to go on the record on any of this, what he thinks will happen, and what he wants to happen. I wish I’d asked him about this when I talked to him in Columbia.

Kentucky would smile with that order. Auburn will have their hands full. Bama will also, and so will the Aggies.

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