Rest of year predictions?

Well, in my honest opinion the season has started out much better than expected(except for 4th quarter of Texas am). Allen has been the difference and has really impressed me. With him at QB I feel we have a chance every game. We are about to hit the meat of our schedule, with our 2 hardest games back to back. I’m saying we finish 10-3 with a good bowl win. Would like some other input. Am I looking through red colored glasses or do we have that shot?

Bama - Loss and no shame in it
Ole Miss - Tough loss here
Auburn - Tossup. Don’t like it they have next week off and we come in after two physically and emotionally draining slugfests
Florida: Win - I think we outscore them
LSU: Loss - new team with Coach O
Miss State: Win - I refuse to believe we lose to Bullies for five straight years
Mizzou - Win

7-5 or 8-4

Agree with your 9-3.
Lose to Bama
Lose to one of, OM or AUB
Win out from there.

Easiest wins - MO, FL, and LSU. Will win a squeaker at M St.

LSU will win a couple of games for Orgeron on emotion. That will wear out well before the Hogs play them. Ed proved he could recruit at OM, but also proved he was a very average head coach.

One caveat. If we somehow beat Bama, we will have a great shot at the SECW and that magic season. If we manage that win, it will be because our OL & DL put it all together!

Bring realistic we could win every remaining game or to be honest lose every remaining game. Odds slim to beat Bama but doable if coaches come up w a decent game plan. Ole miss has week off and will be looking to make up for last 2 years. Auburn, who knows but you know malzhan puts emphasis on it. Florida and LSU toss ups. Should be favored against msu and Missouri. I have been impressed with secondary but disappointed w defensive schemes. Impressed w Allen and receivers but we seem to becoming fairly predictable to me on offense. Offensive line will be work in progress all year.

I agree with this analysis… Auburn was tough our house last year…

7-5…I am still going with that before the season prediction.

Of the 4 Fayetteville games, I think we can beat Florida and LSU. Not Bama and not Ole Miss, who I dearly hate.

Beating Auburn and MSU is not easy at their place.

We should beat Missouri there.

Orgeron (at USC-W) did a nice job. I wouldn’t count him out just because of what he did at Ole Miss. I do think that we will do well against LSU, but O has potential.

I think at this point it is fair to say that any prediction is contingent on whether AA remains healthy or gets hurt. Is it just me, or does anyone else see a resemblance between our current quarterback and Tyler Wilson? The second half of the A&M game sure reminded me of a couple of games from a few years ago when the quarterback would get “creamed” and still continue completing passes.

Predictictions, especially about the future is very difficult. I see winning the last two games and one of the others, either LSU or Auburn. Florida is a toss up. I see very little chance against Bama or ole miss. Those two seem to be SEC teams. We have yet to be a SEC team for 4 qtrs. yet this season.

We have a very good QB which always gives you a chance, but a very pourous defense that is slow makes beating SEC teams very difficult.

It’s tough to know how one game might affect how we play subsequent games. I could see us beating Bama then after such an emotional win coming out very flat & losing to OM. I could also see us losing both. Then it’d be hard to go on the road & beat Auburn. An 0-4 SEC start would be very disappointing & deflating. We badly need to win two of the next 3 to have what most of us feel would be a highly successful season. Win only one of the next 3 & we could still have a good, but hardly great season. Lose all 3 & we’ll have our work cut out just to have a decent season. I can’t begin to predict how it’ll go. So many possibilities against teams we’re capable of beating but who are quite capable of beating us. Right now, I just want the win against Bama. If I were forced to predict the season record, I’d say 8-4 or 7-5.