Rest of season

I see no reason to even discuss our football team further. So I am going to watch all I can and hope for better things but obviously we fans have nothing more to say that would help our team play better. So I will leave it up to those who could possibly make changes and I will just watch and see what happens, and I will say, Go Hogs.

Bob, I think I agree with you. Hard to watch but not much we fans can do but support the efforts at this point.

So what do we do, meet back here next season? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One game does not dictate the rest of the season. Yeah, we stunk. It was a trap game, a rent-a-win before the Aggies, and our players thought they were better than they are. I expect a much better effort at JerryWorld. We’ve usually played the Aggies very well only to lose at the end. Maybe this time the break at the end goes our way.

Once again, I go back to 1981. We blew an 11-point lead in the last five minutes and lost to TCU for the first time in 23 years. Two weeks later we destroyed #1 Texass. I’m not saying we’re going to beat Bama, but we’re better than we played for 2.5 quarters last night, just like we were better than that team that cratered in Fort Worth in '81

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it just takes one game to turn this team around. I though CSU might have been it, but maturity that comes with success may need to happen against a Power 5 program to get this program moving forward.

Don’t ask me how are why

But I think this team does wins some games they are not supposed to win

It was rock bottom yesterday.

Don’t think we get to 6 wins, But progress will be made during the rest of this year if the players don’t give up

The game this week in Dallas will be much tighter than the experts are thinking

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It’s already a huge negative but it’ll only be get worse if coaches and players don’t learn from it.

I’d like to believe the lip service of Morris and Starkel(as well as I’m sure other players) but I need to see it on the field.

after watching that last night, dream on. This team will probably not win an sec game for the second season in a row.

and when we lost to tcu, who was our coach? we aren’t close to that or his staff. web got grad assistants on offense, and a defensive coordinator that can’t get it together. its always something at arkansas… 2 years in a row, think that might be a trend? losing every sec game is definitely a trend.
tired of excuses, don’t mind losing when we give it our all, but that team just got whipped. period. and it is not acceptable and hy needs to pass that on to morris and staff.

yes i think we play better against the aggies, but i still think we lose

wins are all that matter, once again, everyone early in the year says we win our non conference games, same as last year. same result as lost year, get whipped every way fashionable against a team that hasn’t beaten a power 5 team since 2006.

Wins are the measuring stick. Progress and competitiveness are to be expected at this time. This loss was worse than North Texas because we laid the same egg of not showing up to play. Teams are a reflection of their coach and there is much to like and respect about this coach. But he should not be saying after game four we are going to review everything after turning the roster over and saying we were earning everything with the no name logos in off season workouts.

Something is not making it from white board and press conferences to the field. So I will watch the process from here on and hope we win them all but proof is on the field where we all can see it. Before the game on Saturday night, I told some friends at our watch party I was glad that I was not a Michigan fan today. It is not that you lose, it is how you do it that matters. Young team has to grow up fast as SEC does not give participation trophies.

“So I will leave it up to those who could possibly make changes and I will just watch and see what happens, and I will say, Go Hogs.”
I concur with this thought.

I stopped donations to Razorback foundation 2 years ago. It was difficult decision, but the right one from my perspective.

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I assume many alumni have stopped their donations to the Razorback foundation. They are tired of paying for the coaching contract buyouts.

Assume that Arkansas is #1 in the nation in coaching buyouts over the past 20 yrs. when you look at Nutt, Beliema, Jeff Long, Mike Anderson, & the several basketball coaches after Nolan Richardson. I bet almost $25 million - not a good reflection on the Arkansas the Board of Trustees.

With CCM & assistants adding another $10+ million, he will not be fired anytime soon.

I give to Foundation, but I give nothing to football. I designate my money to girls basketball and baseball!