Rest easy, guys

And surely he can’t be as effective as he was last night…he was gassed.

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Ok and yeah I’m not surprised, pretty
much everyone will be available tonight. Just need Wiggins to be on point and let us have a chance to get the lead… The thing about Swelly as they call him, He admitted he was gassed after last night, was really sore( which surprisingly Kopps said he never feels)so if he comes in will his Arm be fresh enough for him to locate, I would love to have a lead and not have to find out cause that guy is pretty nasty.

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He threw just 64 pitches. But as you said, it wasn’t because they were saving him. He was very ineffective, giving up 8 hits and 4 runs in 3 1/3 innings. His availability could be a plus for Neb, or could be a plus for the Hogs. If they pitch him, hopefully, it will be the latter.

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Povich has been hittable, 71 hits in 76 inn and teams hitting . 247 against him compared to . 182 against that LH last night. I think the key will be to go thr other way unless he hangs one in your wheelhouse like he did the guy for NorE and he lost it for him but they went the other way well against him, can’t try to pull him

Jaxson has started three games this year, working two innings, 3.2 innings, and three innings. His ERA in those starts is 1.04 and his WHIP is 1.04, with 10 strikeouts and two base on balls. I like our chances tonight.

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He also has faced 2 good offenses in FLA and Especially Tenn and given up 1 run in 6 inn.

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I’m not buying that he was gassed. I’m thinking he said that to try and convince the Arkansas players, should he come into the game, he won’t have his best stuff. Then blow it right past them.

I think he was gassed, longest outing of the yr in by far his toughest environment (stress).

First, let me say that I am, when it comes to Razorback sports, a very doom and gloom person. Other than one glorious night in 1994, we have never pulled it off (since I was old enough to pay attention, I was 1 year old in 1964). I have watched us lose to an inferior UCLA team in 1995, I watched us get screwed against Texas in 1977, I watched “the fumble”, I watched the dropped interception against Miami (forget the year, 1988??), I watched the foul ball hit the ground.

I say all of that to say I have a very bad feeling about tonight. All the post in the last week that I have read about how good we were, how the odds of us making it out of the regional were almost 100%, all the talk about who would be available (of the injured) for the Supers, like it was automatic, has made me worried sick.

I sure hope I am wrong. Would love to be called a “worry wart” or worse.

i totally agree, stop reading our marketing lit, dont drink the coolaid

Alright guys. How about that epiphany of mine? Huh? Huh? Huh?

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Now relax stillgreg, breathe in - out slow. Hmmmmmm.

Now jump on coffee table kick the recliner (don’t touch TV tho) Do cartwheels, forward & backward flips, karate chops. Time for bed

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Who’s sleeping tonight??? Way too pumped up for that. My friend in Omaha has been texting me all day, giving me crap. Until the end.


Guess I need to go to the gym this Friday too. :joy::joy:

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awesome game, had to break open the Markers Mark, woo pig

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