Rest easy, guys

I’m just back from the gym where I had an epiphany. No, it’s not one of those things you get on your neck or butt. It was a clear moment of revelation and insight that told me the Razorbacks are going to win this thing tonight with aggressive hitting and solid pitching. This team is scrappy and tough and will be hosting next week! WPS!!


I agree with you. The fans will be loud and in force, our seasoned players will correct mistakes, and we will have a solid starter and elite closer available. We’ll win.


Plus, I’ll be unavailable to watch, so we’re guaranteed to win.


Is everybody thinking Wick starting tonight after 80+ pitches on Saturday? I hope he can go, because outside of Wick and Kopps, our pitching staff is a box of chocolates, you truly never know what you’re going to get every time they enter the game. They can be great if they’re on, but it can be a miserable time if they’re off.

I am as nervous as a cat on a hot stove. We played so poorly last night & not particularly well all weekend, that I’m just worried we will lose. I have no idea how our pitching goes. If we can grab an early lead & hold it through about 5-6 innings, we might be able to put in Kopps to close it. It’s hard for me to imagine Wick getting more than 2-3 innings unless they’re very short efficient ones. I don’t know if Conner has another inning or two in him. Don’t know if Vermillion can play or if Costieu is ready. Have no confidence in Trest. Monke, well, he can be great or not.

I just hope Neb has exhausted all theirs. This could be one of those 12-10 games, but who knows. I know I don’t want this season to end tonight.


I feel the same nea. I want to be positive and believe, but after the way the last few games have gone I am just not feeling confident. Goodness I want to be wrong. Really can’t fathom this team not making it.

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It is a bad time for shaky pitching and weak consistency from our bats. Win or stay home and re-read all the great compliments from such a great year. That will not leave a good taste.

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I think we will start Wiggins and hope he can get through 4-5,He will be something they haven’t seen all regional 96-99 FB with good change up and if he’s on I think he will be successful.

It will be Wiggins or Noland I think.
Kopps will be in the game at some point. I hope the bats come alive and we can put this game away early.

Arkansas just announced Jaxon Wiggins will start tonight.


I like it,they haven’t seen anything like him,if he’s locating pitches and can drop in that nasty CU,he can be very effective.

Yes. No doubt Wiggins can be as good as anyone in the country, but he must have command. It’d be nice to have him go 4-5 innings holding them to no more than maybe 1 run. Surely we can score against the pitchers Neb must have left. Lord, I hope so.

Nebraska starting their Ace LH Povich… Go get him boys!! We are due!

I wonder how much gas he has left. I’m sure he pitched Friday night. Have no idea how long he went & have less idea how long he’s capable of going.

I think he threw 70+ ,he will have adrenaline like everyone will tonight, unless we make them take him out I bet he will try to go 5-6.

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Adrenalin can only take you so far, though. He could hit a wall in the second or third inning. (emphasis on “could”). 70+ is not a huge number of pitches. I’d hoped he was closer to 90. I assume that reliever we saw last night is done. He threw close to 60 pitches and was about to run out of steam just as the game ended.

Looked at the highlights of the game he pitched it was close to 70 but Northeastern hit him well got 4 runs off him in about 4 inn. He left a couple up and NorE smoked them, so hopefully we will too, they went thr other way we’ll against him.

I know it’s often about matchups, but if NE can hit him, I’d think we could. Our batters have been good all year. I’ve got to think they’ll wake up tonight. Just hope our pitchers can control the ball. One thing’s for sure, though. DVH won’t waste any time with them. If he has to bring Kopps in by the 5th, he will. Hope that doesn’t have to happen.

I just checked with my Omaha friend and he’s not sure if they’re throwing Povich. But he did say he’d heard Schwellenbach would be available despite throwing five innings last night.

I cannot imagine he’d be available for many innings. But I guess when it’s do or die, a lot of people become available.