Reseeding the Elite Eight

Looks like Coach will have even more fuel to continue the “no one is respecting us” motivation.


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Yeah, I saw that. It would be funny if his 5-6-7-8 seeds all won. Of course that’s not possible because 5 is playing 6, but you get the idea. 4-5-7-8 would work though.

Perfect. More disrespect. More of the ole “chip on our shoulder mojo”.

Yeah, when I saw the headline, I was not even surprised at our being 8th, behind a 12, 11, and a 6 seed. The only surprise I noticed was putting Houston 6th behind a 12 seed and a 6 seed, both from the PAC 12. Houston just got through putting a beat down on a red hot Syracuse team.

I don’t even know who the author of this @#$% piece is. Myron Medcalf?? What a dufus. There’s very little chance that any of the 3 PAC 12 seeds will make the Final Four.

Yes, this is great bulletin board material for Muss. Thanks for that Myron.

Medcalf has been covering college sports for them for years. It’s clickbait, plain and simple.

I think the Pac-12 team with the best chance of advancing is Oregon State. Cougar High can be had.

I thought that too, after their Rutgers game. But not after watching them dismantle Syracuse. Houston is a very good defensive team.

In my opinion our best win was our squeaker versus an 11 loss Texas Tech team that was beaten twice by Baylor, once at Tech. More imporantly a 15 seed stretched us to a last shot. I’m just very happy we made it to the last group of eight. Three wins in the NCAA is not a shabby thing.

Their is a long list of very good teams that lost to Baylor this season. TT was their 12th straight victory and the first team they didn’t beat by double digits. Those double digit victories included Illinois, the #3 team in the country, on a neutral court. There is actually nothing negative about losing to Baylor this year.

It’s beyond me why so many Razorback fans continue to denigrate a very good TT team this year. They were a top 20 ranked team all season. A team capable of beating any team in the country not named Gonzaga or Baylor. And they were also the favorite in Vegas in our game.

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Syracuse had no inside game. OSU has one.

Sorry, I did not intend to denigrate Tech at all. I said they were our best win (meaning best non-home win). Personally, I think Tech is quite good, and have noted that here.

However, I concur Baylor is really good. Moreover, we have no comparable “win” akin to a “Baylor” yet on our schedule. The best we have is the W over Tech, and perhaps our W at Kentucky.

I think Bama is better than Tech, their free-throw choke last night notwithstanding.

Maybe, but I was referring to non-home games.

Our win at MO, when they were ranked #10 in the country was a very good road win. We also beat them in the SEC Tourney.

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