for ongoing list of recruit targets along with verbal commits by sport.

Thank You

Will do.

Got something to handle that coming soon

And star rankings if possible.

Yes, I am superficial. I like stars.

Thanks Dudley! I appreciate all you and your colleagues do!

Where’s he going to get the stars? Scout is out of the picture. DD and RD are good but they can’t rank every recruit in the country. I guess they could work out a deal for the ESPN rankings.

I don’t know, maybe it might do us some good to ease away from the stargazing. Our coaches obviously don’t care about the stars, and they have a lot more invested in these kids than we do (like their careers).

I’m assuming they are using the ESPN star system. They have been referencing them in most every post.

Details coming soon

RD does use CBS Tom Lemming’s star system.

If this site stays independent of the recruiting services, I recommend using the composite rankings from 247Sports. It’s simply the most objective ranking system we have out there.

ESPN’s scouting leaves a lot to be desired and their rankings have proven to be the least reliable.

I absolutely agree.

I think the 247 group would be fine.

Scout may go away. They are damaged goods and with
our leaving and the attendant conversations with other
programs, they will fall further down.

Commies in the woodshed.

The coverage has been going down for the last few years
and now we know the support was declining in other
areas as well.
Good riddance.

Just as any other business, you don’t highlight the competition.

Would be like asking Pepsi to do a commercial praising Coke.

Ahh, yes…I guess they are and I guess ESPN is different and doesn’t directly compete in the target market.

You have said that before about ESPN rankings. But it is the most commonly used ranking that I see in newspapers across the country as well as TV shows. RD has used that ranking as well consistently. I wonder why.