Request for Paul Boyd

Paul, do you think you could trick Colby Hale into providing an update on Ava Tankersley?

Hoping the crutches & boot were just an overabundance of caution.

Losing her (after De Filippo) would not be ideal heading into postseason.

The good news is you wouldn’t put a boot on someone for a knee injury, but you would for a foot or ankle. May not mean Ava comes back any sooner, if at all, though.

But people get hurt in soccer. A lot. Particularly with our style of play which is really pretty physical.

The SECT schedule for us, by the way, would be Tuesday evening-Thursday evening-Sunday afternoon, and the first NCAA game is usually the following Friday.

There are no tricks that will get Colby Hale to talk about injuries. He sets his jaw and turns away. It was like asking my dad for the keys to the convertible when I was 16. He would give me the keys to the old station wagon.

we get 5 pm Tuesday and Th if we win and then on to championship 1 pm Sunday.

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