Request for Clay Henry

Would Bobby Allen sit down with you and discuss UA Football?

He has been on the inside and has seen it all for 21 years- the good, the bad, and the ugly. He knows all the coaches and most of the players. He was there for The Miracle on Markham along with the Stoerner Fumble. He’s coached in SEC Championship games, Sugar Bowls, and was here for this years’s debacle. He has seen it all from a unique perspective.

Clay, you are the best UA Football writer out there. A sit down with BA could be very interesting.

Agreed. Would make a good book.

Great idea, and I also bet it’d make a good book, but I don’t know why the man would want to after all the criticisms his sons received from posters on this board and our fan base in general.

It’s a good idea, but he’s still on the Arkansas staff (“Director of High School and NFL Relations”), so he can’t (on the record, that is) be as candid as we’d all like for him to be in such a conversation/article. Not yet, at least.

But I’m sure Clay and others are able to chat with Coach Allen to get “off the record” input that seeps into the perspective they bring to this board and the articles they write.

I have visited with Bobby Allen for many years. I would never put him on the record for the kind of interview you are asking. He is like many I come in contact with in my many years of covering college sports, a trusted and valued source. Right now, he still works in the football offices. I would never jeopardize his job.

You are totally correct.

Sorry, I assumed he was bright enough not to say something that would get get him fired. :smiley:

Just understand that I do talk to him a lot. But I don’t have to quote him.