Request for Baumbastic

Marty, I don’t know if you’re going to be able to go to Omaha this time or not (hope you can!). But I do know you’ve been up there before, and I’ve enjoyed reading some of your “tips” for people who have not in years past.

Obviously, we’re in a new cyber-world with this site since the last trip, so all of those posts have been wiped out. I was wondering if I could prevail upon you to post your “Guide for Hog Fans going to Omaha” and pin it to the top of the forum? I know the ones planning their first trip there would find it beneficial. And I’d enjoy reading them - even though I’m not able to go.

Just asking “for the team” . . .

Of course I’m going! :sunglasses:
I’ll see if I can put something together later … or maybe Matt could do something.

I don’t know if Matt’s been before (?).

I remember you giving advice about how and when to get in lines for tickets, how to buy tickets off of other teams fans (when they lose), where good places are to stay (motels), places to eat, etc. That’s the kind of insight newcomers find really valuable.

Wow . . . how time flies!

After reading that comment back, I wondered how long Matt had been with WholeHogSports. Looked it up and found out that he’s been “here” since 2010 - so that’s two previous CWS cycles! I assume (but don’t know for sure) that he went to Omaha for at least one of those tournaments.

Still, what I remember from your prior posts, Marty, was that you presented information from the everyday fan perspective - having to stand in line to get individual game tickets, where to eat, stay, etc. Matt’s experience (i would suspect) would be for someone with media credentials, which the rest of us don’t have.

Anyway, information from anyone with prior Omaha experience3 is welcome in this thread. And I know there are many besides Baumbastic (Marty) that have been. Please share your experiences.

I went in 2004, 2012, and 2015. Unfortunately, I can’t go this year. One place I would recommend going to eat/drink before the game would be the Old Mattress Company. It is right by the ballpark and lots of fans from all the teams usually gather there.

Tried “The Matt” (The Mattress Factory) yesterday for lunch and enjoyed it. Shrimp tacos were the “baum”. We went before the Hogs practice and they weren’t very busy; however, when we passed it last night there was a line out the door.

A Hog fan from Omaha (who was in line in front of us yesterday as we waited to get the autographs) suggested Lo Sole Mio, an Italian restaurant located about 4 miles from the stadium. We went today for a late lunch on our back from the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum (about 30 miles SW toward Lincoln). The food was excellent and the service was wonderful.

Another suggestion was made by an Omaha resident who brought her 2 young sons to see the Hogs practice. Every year they pick a team to support and this year they chose the Hogs. She recommended ECreamery for a serving of specially developed “Hogs Home Run Hit” ice cream. It is cheesecake ice cream with chocolate cookie crunch and caramel swirls. When a team is eliminated from the CWS, that flavor is no longer available.

This is our first trip to the CWS and we want to take advantage of all the opportunities the area has to offer. :slight_smile:

I remember sitting in the stands at the 1987 college world series when Arkansas had a lead over Texas. I believe it was in the sixth inning that the public address system decided to play “The eyes of Texas are upon you”. I couldn’t believe it. Texas rallied from that point and beat Arkansas.

Texas used to be the darling in Omaha. I am sooo ready for this game.

This is my fourth time in Omaha for the College World Series. I went to Rosenblatt for the first time in 2009 and have been all three times that Arkansas has played at TD Ameritrade. My wife and I counted up last night that I will have spent more than a month of my life in Omaha at some point during this trip. I love it here. I think the town is vastly underrated.

My favorite restaurants are The Drover, a steakhouse about 10 minutes from downtown, and Spaghetti Works, an Italian place in the Old Market district downtown. Unless you want to wait around an hour for a table, it is best to go to the Drover really early or really late. The wait there is fine. They have a nice bar when you first walk in the restaurant and a little waiting room with tables and TVs. You can typically get into Spaghetti Works with a short wait or no wait at all because it has lots of tables.

There is a lot to do in the Old Market. It is a fun place to be in the evenings. Downtown is neat with lots of statues and plaques commemorating Omaha’s history, much of it pertaining to being a gateway to the old West. Union Pacific is headquartered here and there is some neat stuff pertaining to the history of railroads.

The area around the ballpark is fun to hang around. They did it right when they built the stadium and allowed room for hotels, restaurants and shops to built in the blocks around it.

There is a historical marker for the old Rosenblatt. They kept home plate in place and built a miniature ballpark around it. Across the street is the zoo, which TripAdvisor ranked the best in the world. It has an indoor desert, which is the glass dome you used to see in the outfield at Rosenblatt.

Finally, there is a line of sporting good stores across the Midwest called Scheels that I like to visit at least once when I’m in town. It is on the west side of Omaha and has just about anything outdoorsy or sporty that you can imagine. The stores are massive, so much that their signature is a ferris wheel in the center.