Request Board Adjustment

would like to see the “jump to” tab that is at the bottom also available at the top if possible. Miss the hover feature from the old board if possible to add. Several have mentioned that.

In general, I like the board and really belive we will be able to more and better information. Have aready seen that just this week.

I’m sure Matt will respond.

Thanks for the kind words and we’re glad you’re with us.

You can use the links up top to go to the Board index, or you can get to the bottom by clicking on the First unread post link.


I’ve requested that.

My requests would be:

  1. The “hover over a post” feature.

  2. A better way to tell what posts and threads are new or not. The Scout board was better at this.

  3. A prospect and commit list for FB and BB with stars.

I am pleased with the content but the layout and mechanics of this site needs some tweaking.


I’ve found the Unread Posts link to be very helpful. I click on the link and then use the First unread post link which appears atop the thread.

The problem with that feature is that is jumbles up all of the threads from each board. I liked being able to go to each board (Football, Basketball, Recruiting) and see the “new” button beside an unread thread or post. It was much easier to understand what was going on.

Well, there is a new post indicator (although some think it is too small.) The icon in front of each topic will be [color=#FF0000]red[/color] for those containing new posts. And you can note which forum contains the unread post in the unread post listing.

It is way too small to be able to distinguish between new and old posts. I looked at two topics and the time stamps for recent today and 1 from yesterday and I think I can see a difference in the ICON color but it’s so tiny glancing at it you will never see it.

that he prefers Classic view where these things are laid out so nicely.

I wish Clay would address Classic vs New view for this new board–whether he is trying to move in that direction, or whether he wants the majority of us to accept this new format. And, I do mean majority, because on the former board there was once a vote and Classic won by a large margin.

Clay did address the Thread view (which you consider Classic) in this post. Perhaps you missed the post.

A thread view option similar to the old site’s Classic View is my top request. I want to see who is posting within the thread before opening it up. I am encouraged to see IT has made some changes already.

Is there a way to click a button to mark all threads read instead of having to click on each one individually?

At the top of each board is a link Mark topics read. It is on the same line as the New Topic button, on the right.

On the Board Index page, in a similar position, is a link to Mark Forums Read.


I would like a thread view so I can scan the list of posters before I open the the topic.

I have tried over and over to upload my avatar but to no avail, I resized to 90x90 but still wont accept it,

The requirements for an avatar are: Maximum dimensions; width: 90 pixels, height: 90 pixels, file size: 6.00 KiB.

What is hurting you is probably the file size. If you are using a .JPG, try converting it to a .GIF. I had trouble with a couple of images that I used on the old board because of file size.