Reprehensbile attack on coach by JV team after game

really ugly in NJ:

The players will be reinstated to the school and team. The coach will be fired at the end of the school year. I’m a teacher . I’ve seen and heard a lot more reprehensible. I bet most of those young men have no father figure in thier homes.

Unfortunately you are probably correct in all of your assessments.

  1. Perhaps the coach did/said inappropriate things that deserve his being fired, perhaps not. If so, it should be more timely than the end of the year.
  2. Shouldn’t there be “punishment to fit the crime” to the assailants to demonstrate that such behavior will not be tolerated from them or others in the future?
  3. Surely the socioeconomic situation(s) that leads to such behavior (and others that are deleterious to society) should be addressed to minimize future such instances, but can society continue to accept such occurrences as the norm and acceptable?
    Such dialogue is probably not appropriate for a sports blog, but the questions should surely be explored somewhere. Such behaviors as seen in the video appear to be much more common today (than earlier) and shouldn’t we address the causes and cures?
    Now back to discussions about my beloved Hawgs!!

they all need to be expelled from the school system!!

Not sure if I ever needed a father figure to tell me that it is wrong to attack another individual with 4 or 5 other people!!!

i was raised by mother, father was never around & when he was he was drunk & abusive to my mother & other siblings!!!

So I guess I’m calling BS on anyone who thinks that was acceptable or even tolerable behavior.

I’m not talking about dismissal from school I’m talking Assault charges!!!

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Oh yeah assault charges would be a given in my opinion but they definitely should not be allowed to go to school anywhere around there again…

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They need to be thrown in jail as adults, permanently suspended from school.

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No more public school for the players!
This should not be tolerated in this country.
If there’s real facts that the coaches was abusive in any way he should not ever be allowed inside a school anywhere.
If tired of hearing about all the bad in our schools about students and teachers! I will guarantee there’s a lot more good things happening where coaches, teachers and the common man go out of their way to help people but that’s not what ends up on the news!

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