Reports say Sarkisian to the Falcons

Alabama is in the market for a third offensive coordinator in about a month.

Yeah, SB Nation is reporting there was maybe some friction between Saban and Sark. Saban might have also already made a decision that Sark would not work out at Bama’s OC. … oordinator

That was quick. :o

Serious question…did Sark overcome his personal issues? I never really heard how that played out.

Giggle…giggle. Saban’s going to be really mad. :twisted:

The kind of personal issues Sark has (not had) are never completely overcome. There is no such thing as an ex-alcoholic (and if you show up for work sloshed, you are an alcoholic). He could resume drinking at any time, anywhere, and he’ll be fighting that for the rest of his life, unless he just gives up the fight.

Always said it was Saban calling the plays anyway got a good laugh when people would say LK called a bad game hahaha