Reports say Rob Smith gone

To be defensive coordinator at Wake Forest.

How does this affect recruiting?

Everything I gather it’s true.

well now we have a glimmer of HOPE!

After the season Arkansas had in defense, overall I would believe kids would see it as a plus.

Evidently he talked to WF last night.

If it is true as Richard is hearing then I say it will not affect recruiting negatively.
As we witnessed this year, we were in need of a big change with defense.
Recruits should see this as positive.
Woo Pig

I was pretty encouraged after his first year here, and all the talk about the better tackling techniques. But, in reality, I guess it all has gone downhill since then.

I have to admit I was pretty tired of hearing about trusting the process and putting guys in better positions to make plays.

I don’t think I would want any part of the life of a college football coach.

On Robb Smith’s contract, there is a buy out if he leaves. Somewhere around $250,000. I’d assume UA will let him out of that. Could be a sticking point. He’s under contract for two more years. But it would seem UA would let him go without that if they don’t want him.

What’s the over/under on how many more defensive coaches are gone? Two?


There are no guarantees with recruiting, but I would think it wouldn’t be a huge issue. Only time will tell.

Obviously if Paul Rhoads was promoted to DC that would be a plus in recruiting.

I am hoping CBB was anticipating this move and why he brought in Coach Rhoads when he did.

I have to say I would be very disappointed if that were to happen. I don’t think his work deserves that.

Bo reporting he’s talked to Smith and Robb says reports he’s been offered a position at WF are not true.

I would think one more, but there is no telling on who might just find another job. Can’t predict that.

Before he became HC at Iowa St. Coach Rhoades had good success as DC at Pitt and one year at Auburn. Auburn in 2008 was 5-7 but the defense was ranked 27th in the nation, 15th in scoring defense.

If Smith is gone, I think Rhoades could very well get the job.

I would love to see Rhoades as DC, but I cant find what defensive front he prefers.

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