Reports petrino heading to Missouri state

Rumors tonight are either art briles or bobby petrino for bears job in Springfield Missouri.

Tough job in a tough conference

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The rumor I’m hearing is Briles

Petrino officially hired at Missouri State, o how the mighty have fallen

That’s funny…

It’s worth noting that Missouri State is scheduled to play at Arkansas on Sept. 17, 2022.

That’s a short trip for Bobby. I think he’ll make it on a motorcycle. It would be out of the way to go through Brashears, but it could be done.

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So, Bobby won’t be coaching them by then, he’ll either be hired somewhere else, or flamed our again.

Or hits the ditch on his way to Fayetteville in Sept 2022.

Wouldn’t think he’d be that hard up for money. Take some time off, rebuild some bridges, rehab the image, and eventually go back into the water slowly. He just high dived into a kiddy pool.

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It will be interesting who he hires for assistants with his reputation. I’m sure there will be some young guys hoping to move up.

I worked for a guy with some of Bobby’s bullying issues once. Turned out that standing up to him made him look elsewhere to bully. Something tell me Bobby would not take kindly to someone standing up to him.

I replaced my bully boss when he retired. His last words to me was “don’t be an ___hole like me Danny” then he quickly said “you won’t I know, I regret being that way”. Sad but true.

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Bobby has his work cut out for him. The Bears lose their senior QB who played decently given what he had to work with, and the back up threw 3 passes. They could not run the ball all year, and their defense gave up 36 points a game. Their only win last year was a 3OT affair with equally bad Western Illinois. And they open next year with Oklahoma.

In 2022, Missouri State opens at UCA, and then plays the Hogs in their third game.

I am sure that Bobby will help them.

Amazing. Petrino gas been gone for years and we still must pretend how ashamed and embarrassed we are that he was our coach. He had a wandering eye. He was mean to the staff. Oh goodness me. I may faint. If only we could have found a coach that was a great recruiter, great schemer, motivator, developer of talent and could walk on water and raise the dead.

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I was thinking that we ought to get 50 bikers to meet their bus at the Arkansas border and escort . . . errr…give them a convoy all the way to Fayetteville.

Chip Long too?

Willy Robinson has been hired as DC.

I wonder how long it will take the folks in Springfield to chant “Fire Willy!”

Well…I sure hope they don’t get confused and shout “Free Willy” where Petrino can hear it.


He had a couple of really good years at Arkansas, did well with WKU in his brief time there, and his first stint at Louisville was very good. But… he flew the Louisville program into the ground in his second stint. So his reputation as a winner has been tarnished by his recent job history, which suggests that maybe his best days are well behind him.

Great offensive mine.
Not a great person.
So many more things than the couple you just mentioned.

Easy to distinguish.

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