Reports on LaDarrius Bishop

Some in Ashdown are saying Miss. State?

that seems to be the case.

No room in the Inn, or not as of today. It seemed it turned real quick from hurry up and commit to us, to not right now, which isn’t good for an in-state kid. We took 7?? DB’s last year, and already have three in this class.

Interesting, but he was given every opportunity to commit for the longest time.

I know we have two (McCalister and Hanspard) and a possible third one with Flanagan, but I thought Richard was counting him as an athlete. Am I overlooking someone or are you counting Flanagan?

Well, Flanagan said they recruited him as DB, but could be a WR, he’d play either and is open to either.

What Dudley said.

Richard and Dudley are you saying that we gave him every chance and we have now filled up ???

If so that would be interesting…

Yes, that is exactly what we are saying.

Arkansas wanted him, offered him extremely early and told him they wanted to commit.

He chose to wait.

10-4 heard loud and clear!

And yes this is very interesting… Do you think this could cause hurt feelings in state with coaches?

It shouldn’t. If the Hogs offered early and told him he needed to commit early because they have a small class, then how can high school coaches be upset with them when he is the one who chose not to make a commitment? But we know anything can be misconstrued.

It is a different dynamic this season

11 of as few as 15 scholarships are now taken

The other 4 targeted positions are not DBs

He was given every chance to be a Razorback.

Chose to wait and that is certainly his right

Great kid, great player, but it is what it is

I don’t think it is good to try and force a kid who is a junior in high school to make a decision that will effect the rest of his life until he is closer to graduation. That is another example of how recruiting has gotten out of hand and is corrupting college and high school sports.

Maybe so, but it is what it is. The players and coaches all know the state of the game and if they snooze, then often lose. I would rather see us offer in-state players early than to make them hold out “hoping” to be a Razorback. If they are good enough to get an offer and want to wear the red Razorback on their helmet, then they shouldn’t delay. Was he really hoping for a better offer? Or, was he waiting to see how the rest of the class and roster looked. We may never know.

College football may be a sport, but it is also a big business.

Play nice all the time and you’ll be 4-8 all the time.

Juniors in high school are expected to do that every year by practically every university in the United States. Sadly, the age of offers is getting younger (at least by a few unscrupulous coaches who have offered 7th- and/or 8th-graders). it may seem unfair to put a player in that position, but that’s the nature of the sport. Don’t blame Bielema. Any coach with his rate of retention is going to face the numbers crunch. For LaDarrius, it just happened to fall on his year. CBB needed a quick decision, but LaDarrius wasn’t ready to pull the trigger, so they apparently [judging by reports] will part ways. No one is to blame. It is what it is.

We have a senior-to-be who is involved with a highly competitive marching band program that begins its fall practices July 31. That means we have to have college visits done - they don’t finish fall work until the third week of November (every Saturday, every day after school, between now and then, save Labor Day weekend). We are not any different than Bishop - many of the better schools soliciting our daughter’s “commitment” require a campus visit before you apply, or at least recommend it. As a parent, that is our “rule” - visit any place you plan to apply.

Nothing at all unfair about it. Early application deadlines are much like the November signing period/deadline.

Not anyone’s fault, just the way it is today.

I am glad that he is a 3 star that went elsewhere. I think this is a good example for Arkansas kids to review. We have had some kids in state that get a big head in today’s narcissistic world, and they want to be wined and dined. I get it but I also know that many of these kids don’t have good adult mentors explaining the pitfalls of going too far with it.

I hope that this is a lesson learned for future Arkansas kids.

Even if it does cause hurt feelings, that is about all you can do. Coach B is consistent.