Reports: Dan Enos to Alabama

I liked Coach Enos and as stated on this thread thought he made good calls but was out voted at times. I don’t care how good your playbook is you won’t be successful calling plays when you have an O-line like we had the last two years and most of that recruiting/coaching was not on him. He is the QB’s coach at Bama and will have unlimited talent to work with… his future looks very bright. I’m sure he enjoyed turning tail on Michigan being from Michigan State.

with the tools he has at Bama he will be very successful & move on to a P5 head coaching in less than 5 yrs

I always considered him to be the finest assistant on Coach Bielema’s staff. We were horrible on defense his last 2 years here and his offenses moved the football and scored points. We were in the upper echelon of the SEC in yards per game and scoring the first 2 years. He will do well at Bama. Saban is a great coach and Enos is an excellent assistant. I hope he does well. I hated to lose him. When a great coach like Nick Saban hires you, you know he was impressed with Enos’ work in the SEC.

I’m happy for Enos. Seemed all class and I thought best assistant in years.

He’s good and I hope it’s a big head coaching job next for him.

Saban is hard to work for though

I have never seen a non compete clause that could be enforced when the employee was terminated. I am not an employment lawyer, but that has been my experience.

Well he is an amazing coach

Saban gets someone who can match our call playing ability plus his NFL takent

Bama continues to roll

The fact that we were able to put up some good numbers offensively against Bama the past couple of years speaks volumes for DE’s play calling ability. Scary to think what he could do if given the chance to call plays with their O-Line. I feel sorry that CBB held him back (either through controlling the play book or not giving him a decent o-line coach).

There is no way anyone can be held to a non-compete after they are fired. It just doesn’t work that way. No one would ever sign anything like that and no one would ever try to sign them to it. It just is not deemed to be fair play.

If you don’t want them, assume they may coach against you in the SEC.

What you are trying to stop is what happened with Sam Pittman. Obviously, the deal with Jim Chaney was a situation where he wasn’t offered a new contract and did not have a non-compete. Arkansas fixed that going forward, at least under Bret Bielema.

The guy who does not have a job is Kurt Anderson. At least, I haven’t heard that he’s employed.

I thought he was a great play caller and OC. I will never forget that overtime game against Auburn when our talent level was almost as good as Auburn’s. The play calling in the overtime was best I have ever seen with playmakers making plays. His play calling dropped off with the talent dropping off.

What about Chad Walker?