Reports: Dan Enos to Alabama … h-alabama/

If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em. He inherits quite a quarterback situation if the report is true.

Guess we’ll find out just how bad of a play caller he really is soon.

I always thought he was a really good OC. At the end of 2015 we had as good an offense as there was in the country. I expect he will be very good at Bama–it’s hard not to flourish there, now, and he’s very talented in his own right.

I never thought he was a bad play caller. Usually, the play that was deemed “bad” was so out of the box from what we had been doing in down/distance that it had CBB all over it. It’s not a CBB bash, thought he was a good person, but I think he tried to get to “cute” too often.

CDE will do well there.

Served us well and no doubt will do well for the Tide, don’t blame him from jumping out of the Michigan deal. WPS

I am actually very happy for Coach Enos. He was a very good play caller here, this year was kind of the exception due to our offensive line play. He will really help Alabama maintain a good mixture of spread and prostyle offense which they have the athletes to run whatever they want. Hopefully he will improve his stock and get a head-coaching job again.

Harbaugh seems like such an easy guy to get along with.

And who doesn’t want Ann Arbor’s 310 overcast days a year?

lol, seriously DE seemed like a really good guy, very happy for him


Very happy for Enos. Also, very happy CBB is gone.

For those wondering, Enos is allowed to go to Alabama even though he had the no-compete clause at Arkansas. That clause was waived when Enos’ contract was terminated in December.

It seems simple to me, but I’ve had at least one person ask why he was allowed to make the move, or if the brief stay at Michigan was a way around his no-compete.

Sounds to me like there is a lot of bad lawyering/contract drafting up on the Hill. Several examples of it.

I don’t see anything wrong with him being able to go to an SEC team. Arkansas decided it didn’t want him and terminated the contract. You can’t hold him to stipulations in a contract that is void.

He’s not the only former Hog coach to go to an SEC school. We kicked him to the curb, so we cannot control his life at the same time. BTW, on just a side note, had he still been under contract with Arkansas, would the “associate head coach” title been enough to get him out of it?

No. For coordinators, only a head coaching position would have been sufficient to break to the no-compete. For position coaches, a coordinator or head coaching position would have been sufficient.

OK, thanks, Matt. I’m glad Coach Enos is getting this opportunity. I would think he’d fit Saban’s style of offense, but he’ll need a thick skin at times.

I think Bama is fortunate to have him to work
with their QB’s.

Well, actually, you are most likely right Matt. I didn’t think that through. Bad lawyering on my part! That said, I still could see including a one-year SEC school prohibition in an employment agreement, regardless of how Enos’s contract with Arkansas terminates. Especially since the likes of Kirby Smart has been after him. There are 4 other power conferences that could hire him.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around a contract that says if we kick you to the curb, we still control your life and you can’t have a job in the SEC. That boggles my mind.

Matt, since Dan took the job at Michigan did we have to pay a buyout?

One observation…I watched Dan at the Catfish hole on a recruiting night. He was pretty quiet and reserved. Compared to Michael Smith who was all over the place hugging everyone and giving the recruits/parents a lot of love. But who could be more outgoing than Coach Smith.

He was a good recruiter.

Best to Coach Enos.

The buyout is in place for six months after his termination, but the amount is offset by any earnings at Alabama.