Reports are that Bielema is out after the season

Is this official? Is this speculation?

Speculation that is 100% accurate. Doesn’t take a scientific rocket to know it’s inevitable.

Hey Navy…are you still in?

Just retired as of 1 Nov. What about you?

Retired in 2008…heard from someone the other day still in…didn’t sound like the Navy I used to know.
Congratulations and thanks for watching my 6 all the years.

What reports are you referring to? … end-season

If you read the link that this article is based on, there is no source saying BB is out. It’s pure speculation, a rumor. The speculation is undoubtedly accurate, but there is no one saying he’s gone. Which is one of the problems with the Internet. Somebody posts something that is pure fantasy, somebody else links to it, and before long the pure fantasy becomes gospel truth. Which is why I appreciate what Clay, Dudley, Matt, Jimmy and RD do. They don’t traffic in these flights of fantasy.

Until it comes from one of our own I know it’s not officially announced. But everyone knows CBB is gone !

My Dad said he heard channel 4 reporting the same thing.

I find this shocking. Surely it is fake news.

Did you see it on CNN? :wink:

I turned the CBB show on and CBB himself stated that his days were numbered!

Everybody’s days are numbered, just a matter of how low or high that number is.