Reporters ask Bryan Harsin tough questions

Harsin seems like a good guy. He didn’t dodge any questions. He’s as good as gone but it’s gonna cost them millions.


Yeah and gave us credit as well… just watched the end of ole piss/Aggie game. After the win lane was asked what will you be wearing for Halloween, he said idk maybe jimbo as a joker!! Lol. Also said we ran the ball for 300 plus yards against a bunch of 5*. He’s stirring the witches pot.


I hope Bama beats Ole Miss like a drum! Maybe the walking wounded show up on the hill ripe for another loss!
Who cares what Lane wears for Halloween or for that matter anytime. I don’t like him but he is a good football coach and has a great offensive mind. It funny Jim Bo has the power brokers at A&M on the hook for millions and really they were stupid enough to extend his contract last season to prevent him leaving and that was brilliant by Sexton! The Aggies will have to put up with him for several more years or pay him millions to leave! It’s amazing a coach can get hired and end up I. A position where if they fail to do their job and win you would have to pay up to fire them!

It’s amazing a coach can get hired and end up I.

Yup! The power that “winning and win now” has on a university and its alumni and fan base.
And the attnys are the ones that really comes out smelling like roses.

ohh my when you start putting your own team under the bus like that, he won’t be around much longer.

I do believe aubie wants jackson st. coach anyway.

I think he’s a good coach who’s not a good fit with his current school. He’s lost that team, but I expect him to get another chance in a year or two out west with a struggling program that needs a rebuild.

You don’t think will go after him and get him?

I thought he was an odd fit at Auburn when he was hired. I think he’ll bounce back. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him resurface somewhere in the West, maybe at one of the Pac-12 or Mountain West schools.

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