Report: The Warmup AAU Tourney

Below is a compilation of reports from this weekend at The Warmup.

Nike EYBL teams are playing in a tournament this weekend in NWA. I plan to catch some games at least on Sunday. Big time competition including the newly branded Woodz Elite teams and Brad Beal Elite.

The Woodz Elite 16U team features 2020 prospects Davonte Davis, Gerald Doakes, Caleb London and Chris Moore. I look for Davis to get a lot of attention this spring/summer.

Brad Beal Elite features 2020 Moses Moody, the best prospect in the state. I’ll post updates as I see/have them.

Saturday update:

Just watched a full game of The Woodz Elite 17U team. Wish I knew more names, but I was pretty impressed. Mylik Wilson 6’2ish Guard #97 player in the nation and Jason Jibitoh 6’10ish Post are probably their two best prospects. Both reportedly have high major offers.

Arkansas has apparently made contact with Jibitoh. He’s huge. At least 275; he needs to work on his body. He moves pretty fluidly though. Not sure he fits what we need, but he’ll land somewhere nice.

2020 6’9ish F Akol Mawein our of Southwest Christian is really intriguing. I liked what I saw. Athletic, attacks the glass, quick and runs the floor really well. He’s a face the basket guy it appears. Probably someone to keep an eye on. He’s originally from Australia, I think.

I saw one half of Brad Beal Elite, which is the team 2020 6’5ish Moses Moody is playing for this spring/summer. This is my first time seeing him live. I’ve thought since last year that he’s the best prospect in the state just based off of film. In one half of action, he didn’t change my mind. He’s playing up one level (17U) and starts on a really talented team. BBE features the #35, #52, #123 and #127 2019 players in the nation.

They were playing a terrible team, but Moses played very good defense at the top of the halfcourt trapping zone. So long. He also didn’t miss a shot - three 3’s and a floater. So skilled and smooth. As some have said before, he’s not very explosive at this stage. I’m also assessing his quickness. I look forward to seeing more of him tomorrow.

I also watched a few minutes of the 17U Bluff City Legends, formerly Team Penny. They feature the #1, #26, #40, #117 2019 players in the nation. #1 James Wiseman has a boot on and wasn’t playing. DJ Jeffries #26 was impressive. They also feature the #1 2021 player in the country, Zion Harmon, who played at the 17U level last year, too.

Tons of talent in NWA. More tomorrow.

Sunday Update:

First things first. Coach Wes Swift is back! I know that may not mean much to you all, but I’m a huge fan of his and I take pride in the teams he coaches. I figured that out last night and as I looked at the bracket this morning around 8am, I became nervous because his 16U Woodz Elite Team was playing Brad Beal Elite in the first round at 8am. I didn’t want them to get knocked out. Thankfully, they didn’t. I caught their final four and most of their championship game. Congrats to them, as they won’t the 16U championship.

The 16U Woodz Elite features: 6’3ish PG Devonte Davis, 6’1ish G Gerald Doakes, 6’4ish Caleb London, 6’6ish Chris Moore, 6’9ish Nick Ongenda and 6’1ish Payton Brown.

So, I think I’m a believer in Chris Moore. Much has been written about how tall he is. He’s around 6’6, maybe a little shorter. But, he’s a grown man. His style and build is very Corliss-like. I think the thing I liked most today was his leadership. He leads that team. Very vocal. Very encouraging. They look to him. Explosive. Rebounds. Very crafty around the rim. Can board and start the break. Can face up or post. Strong as hell. Understands angles and anticipates really well. Quick and fast. Shot free throws well. Jumper still needs work but I can see him developing there. He’s just not very tall right now. If he grows a few inches, he’ll be a highly, highly recruited player. Even if he didn’t, gun to head right now, I’d offer him.

Last year when I saw most of these guys for the first time, Moore and Gerald Doakes were getting the most attention. I liked what I saw in Devonte Davis, though. He was about the same size as Doakes, but I could tell he was growing. Arms down to his knees. Liked his game, too, as a lefty PG. Fast forward to now and what I thought would happen has. He’s 6’3ish and looks like a high major prospect, maybe the one who could be most highly recruited. He’s a little erratic…a little too flashy at times and he’s not super explosive right now, but he has a great handle and feel and fantastic vision. Nice pace and gets by his man really easily right now. The jumper needs work, but he’s smart with it; doesn’t fire at will. Really like him.

Doakes was non-existent one game and a big bang in the other. Between 6’1 and 6’2, he MAY be 150; really, really skinny. Super explosive though. Always has been. Just has a bounce with everything he does. He gets a lot of lift on his shots, which could help with his height if he stays in that neighborhood. Not sure his jumper is consistent; he’s streaky at least. He’s an interesting one to watch. He landed some offers last year this time because teams were betting on him developing physically, I’m guessing. We’ll see where it goes from here.

London was fighting some cramps or a minor leg injury, it seemed, so he came off the bench. Still, he flashed a nice skill set and big time athleticism. I like his potential as a wing in college. Another one to watch.

Ongenda is intriguing. He plays for Southwest Christian. Very long and skinny. Not great anywhere yet but potential is there.

Payton Brown continued to shoot a high level. You expect it to go in every time he touches it.

One more key mention for the 16U team. 6’0ish Khalen Robinson (Bryant) is on the team but out with a hand injury. He and Davis will be a great PG duo at that level.

The 17U Woodz Elite played real well today. They played two good teams in the EAB Tigers and Brad Beal Elite. I picked up on more player names. In addition to the players I mentioned in yesterday’s report, 5’10ish Tylor Perry (Har-ber) 6’1ish Collin Cooper (Fayetteville), 6’4ish Collin Moore (NLR) and 6’4ish Gregory Johnson (Hall) are key players.

This is a really balanced group with no big stars. Mylik Wilson and Tylor Perry really played well today. I would’ve never thought they’d beat BBE, but they scrapped and stayed after it, eventually pulling it out.

Moses Moody continued to play really well. Just a beautiful, fundamentally perfect jumper. He’s a go-to for that team, which is saying something considering the talent they have. The main thing I see that he’ll need to work on is getting to the rim. Otherwise, he’s got top 50 stuff. It’s going to be a battle to keep him in-state. I’m nervous about it.

Great, great event. It’s grown quite a bit. Hopefully, the Real Deal bounces back with more Adidas talent next year. If that happens, we’ll have two top level events.

P.S. Daniel Gafford and Arlando Cook took in the action yesterday. Bobby Portis was on hand today.

In my two years of watching, I never came away thinking that Moses Moody was going to score using his athleticism. He reminds me more of a Scotty Thurman type of scorer but somewhat quicker.

Great stuff as usual.

He reminds me of Joe Johnson. He’s not as tall YET, but at age 16, he’s not finished growing.

Yes, Joe is a good example. Moses is definitely smooth and has a pretty jump shot like Joe