Report: Pac-12 talking to Big 12

Big shock, huh? Characterized as getting the new P12 commish up to speed on options which include a scheduling alliance as well as collaborating on, say, a joint TV contract. And, yes, a merger. The Pac-12 has been contacted by schools interested in membership (I’d guess the area codes those calls came from were 785, 405 and 806).

Good guess Jeff….

It suits me just fine if they merge. I don’t want to see those schools get left out in the cold & I don’t think their addition to the Pac-12 creates a particularly strong “P5” conference. The one thing I’d hate to see is the Big 12 dissolve in such a way that TX & OU don’t have to pony up the penalty for moving out.

FWIW, I don’t see WVa becoming part of a Pac 12 merger. I can see it moving to the ACC before that happens. I don’t want WVa in the SEC, but I could see that possibility if the SEC goes to 18-20 teams.

Not sure the ACC is as stable as a P12-B12 combo would be. The ACC is locked into that bad TV deal for 15 years and I’m not seeing anything out there that would move the needle to get it reopened unless Notre Dame shocks everyone and joins full-time. WVU to the ACC wouldn’t do it.

Brandon Marcello of 247 (UA grad) was on Finebaum the other day. He talked about pod scheduling and how it regionalizes a mega conference. Yeah, Morgantown is a helluva long way from Pullman or Palo Alto, but with pods, you’d largely be playing the same people you are now – K-State, Iowa State, etc.

There is probably a good reason, but I don’t understand the benefit of going higher in the SEC. I see four 16-team super conferences leaving the NCAA in their dust and taking control of P-4 (not 5 anymore) football if not all sports. Let the NCAA rule the rest of collegiate sports and let the top 64 teams make their own rules on number of scholarships, coaches, etc. So, the P-12 picks up 4 out of what’s left of the Big12, the Big Ten takes a couple, ACC takes another 2. Some of the weaker teams might fall out of the P-4 and be replaced by UCF, Cincinatti, Mempis, etc. Going bigger than 16 doesn’t leave enough good programs to match up with. Can someone explain how that might work OK?

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I could see a 70- to 80-team Power Four, which would put the leagues in the 18 to 20 range. Who would the SEC add? Beats me. I keep hearing that Clemson and FSU are sniffing around. I have my doubts, but maybe there is a small flame creating that smoke.

Again with pod scheduling it’s fairly regionalized, even more so than the current leagues. We wouldn’t be playing Alabama and Auburn every year, for instance; they’re too far away.

I’m not seeing much chance that the big leagues are gonna start weeding out longtime members like Vandy or K-State or Purdue (or us). Even if their football programs are downtrodden, they offer value in other areas – Vandy baseball, Kansas basketball, Purdue basketball, etc.

I think BYU will wind up in the Power Four somehow. There are more than 16 million Mormons in the US; about equal to Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Oklahoma put together.

I think 4 16-team conferences is a realistic eventuality. I don’t know where Notre Dame fits in, but I think in that scenario it ends up in a conference somewhere. I doubt 4 superconferences would give it the deference it’d want or need to stay a powerful independent.

However, I could also see 4 conferences of 18-20 teams each. That’d be 72-80 teams that would become the new D1 of college football. No doubt it’d be independent of the remaining NCAA schools.

All of it is speculation, though. The only thing I know is that more change is coming. What it will look like is anybody’s guess.

So, maybe going to four 20-team super conferences allows some bottom feeders to balance out the top side. Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe five pods of four and it takes five or six years to double rotate (home & away) with everyone else in the league. I don’t see two separate SEC ten team divisions.

Nope, that ain’t happening.

While I can see a 20 team conference, I sure hope it doesn’t happen. I thought 14 was too many. I think 16 is way too many. But at least with pods or some other combination of teams with 3 permanent opponents makes 16 somewhat workable as a conference. More than that means it’s not a conference. It’s two conferences with some sort of business arrangement.

Basketball doesn’t have as big a problem with 16 teams. You can have a full round robin with 16 teams. Then you can have full tournament at the end of the year.

Baseball might be more of a problem. I could see expanding the conference schedule to 11 or 12 opponents instead of the 10 we now play. Maybe do away with the Hoover tournament although I don’t see that happening.


I looked at some baseball scheduling options yesterday in another thread. As I see it, there are three options with 16 teams:

Keep divisions. That would be 21 games in your division, 9 or 12 outside. If you go to 33 games, you can play half the East one year, the other half the next,

Pods, or mini-divisions, or just the permanent rival setup used in SEC basketball. Play three teams/nine games every year and rotate the rest. This would actually work out better if there are more than 16 teams. Play your pod and seven of the other 14 = 30 games.

Or no divisions, no permanent rivals, rotate everyone. That would allow you to keep 30 games in a straightforward way – rotate five teams off and five on every year, and you would play everyone home and away in a three year period.

The problem with a PAC/Big XII Left Behind alliance or merger is that it does not add a lot of oomph for the PAC as far as being able to get a really lucrative new tv package.

It probably will make Utah and Colorado feel better since they won’t be out on the lonely eastern frontier anymore, but an alliance/merger with the Left Behinds is barely better for TV than doing the same thing with the American Athletic Conference. You still have a group of schools that just don’t add a great deal of value.

If the PAC wants to make real money and become more relevant in football and basketball, they should be whispering sweet nothings to the Big Ten to form an “alliance” to counter the super-SEC.

I think that’s a possibility, too.

Yup it’s reaching the point that it’s getting really unwieldy

I’m sure old timer SEC folks hate it because the close southern way of football is getting diluted

Or at least I heard that argument when Arkansas and the chickens joined

My hope in the chaos Arkansas comes out ahead

I’m agreeing with Barry Switzer that this expansion will help Arkansas in recuiting just like it did in the SWC

I hope so

That’s didn’t take long did it?

Good thing they got to move quickly or die on the vine

Kansas City radio station is reporting that KU is seriously talking to the Big Ten about admission.

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