Report: Hogs to host Jordan Phillips, UT-Arlington next season

We always talk about “what if Reggie Perry hadn’t decommitted” or ”what if Garland was healthy”, or “what if Hall and CJ hadn’t left”.

Add “what if Jordan Phillips had cone in healthy while he was here”.

Watched Jordon against UALR in Little Rock. He started and was outstanding. Scored 18, including 5-9 from the field, 4-6 from the three and 4-4 on FTs. And believe that was his third game since becoming eligible at UTA.

Jordan Phillips averaged 22 min per game for UTA.

44 assists, 40 turnovers
6.3 ppg
3.5 rpg
33% from the field
29% from 3

We didn’t miss him at all and he’s the type of player that epitomizes why CMA is no longer the coach here. He’s a role player at best when we were desperate for difference makers

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