Report: Bulls players have Portis' back

They’d rather have BP than Niko Mirotic, who has given the Bulls a me-or-him ultimatum once he returns from the broken face BP gave him. If the players have any say, Mirotic will be the one who leaves.

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Or maybe Bobby keeps producing and plays his way into a trade to a playoff contender.

One of my good friends and sales rep, Avery Dingman, played college ball at creighton with doug McDermott and they remain close friends today. Avery saw Doug when the knicks played the thunder a few weeks ago and right after the fight. Doug said that he was not surprised bc mirotic always went after bobby in practice when doug was in Chicago

The fact Mirotic won’t show his face in the facility when there are other players present was pretty telling to me. I imagine they’ll choose the younger, cheaper guy (Bobby). If they can’t trade Nikola and he still doesn’t show up this year, that’s fine. They’re tanking anyway. He has the ability to exercise his player option and go somewhere else after this year.